Laurus logo

logo design

Client: The Laurus Company, DeBary, FL

The name of this publishing company, "Laurus," means outstanding achievement. They had a good starting point for a logo, see original below, but it needed refining and vector art. The Laurus Company wanted their new art to represent not only the laurel leaf, but also a writing quill with flowing script. I simplified the design, and created a file that can be easily scaled and printed. The new logo is light, well defined, and fresh.

web design
When it was time for The Laurus Company to update their website, the editor asked for a platform that would allow her to easily manage her own content. She wanted the site to consist of two main sections, publishing services for authors and book sales. The site also needed to be capable of international sales and sales reports, manuscript uploads, and be searchable. We decided that, with a slight learning curve, WordPress would fit the bill, and WooCommerce the store.

I used the vibrant colors and simplicity of the Laurus logo as the basis for this site's design, maintaining a straighforward menu structure throughout and avoiding clutter. Attention is drawn to featured sections like Best Sellers and New Releases with hero-sized ads that rotate and can be changed out at will. A gateway to the publishing side of things is established clearly with an ad below labeled Author Services. The company's three main imprints are also defined at this top level, eliminating the need to hunt for clarification.

Laurus web site revision