self portrait

   After the Art Institute, I started animating children's CD's for a company called Knowledge Engineering in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. Pretty cool job for just out of school, making dinosaurs hatch and bean seeds grow. We got Macromedia Director when it had just come out, and it was AMAZING compared to the pixel by pixel software we'd been using.

At Appletree Technologies, which became a New Horizon Training Center, I was able to take classes in Photohop and Illustrator while working for their Multimedia Division. We made business presentations, hand shakes, bulleted text over images of colored fiber optics, that sort of thing.

From there I drove to DayStar Digital, maker of accelerator boards to make Photoshop fly, on the outskirts of Atlanta, in fact, way out in Flowery Branch, Georgia. The BBQ lunches were definitely a plus. I loved that job - the best teamwork and a creative director who loved to teach you stuff. I worked in Director on an interface for their product line cd, which won a New Media Invision Bronze. I also illustrated products and enhanced photos. They shot their own products using a Hasselblad - too cool.

As a freelancer, I've gotten to work for a lot of different clients on a lot of different types of projects... animated mutating cells for the CDC, internal presentations in the basement of the Coca-Cola Corporation, scenes for a video game (don't ask;) morphed Jell-o creations into Jell-o creatures for a Cartoon Network screensaver... fun stuff. Currently, I create in a little studio in the top of my house, in a little town on the Chesapeake Bay... quaint, quiet, blue and green. When I'm not working, I like to sketch portraits in oil pastel or create detailed, shaded drawings in pencil. I share a "junior" farm, as we call it, with my husband and daughter, complete with garden, 3 chickens, and a goat. My favorite artists have always been Tasha Tudor for her sketches and Georgia O’Keefe for her bones. I love the idea of mixing metal and art together, concepting and creating thumbnails, and the Mac.